Terpsis Chorou


Dance in ancient Greece, was an important art form and enjoyed great respect.

According to Plato "...the person who does not dance is an uneducated person, whilst a person who dances well an educated one..."

and in Aristotle's words "...it is necessary for art to use instruments, and for the soul to use the body...".

For us, at Terpsis Chorou "dance is knowledge, dance is art, dance is the expression of the soul".

Our aspiration is to teach our students how to use their bodies, to train and instruct them, so that when they listen to sounds, to music and songs they may allow their souls to freely move to the harmony and the rhythm - so they may dance.

Our aim is for our students to become enamored with dance, to gain freedom of expression and through our specialized instruction methods, to acquire the knowledge they need to dance from beginner to professional level.

Dance is an endless source of inspiration, through which we can express our emotions and feelings. It is a way to thoroughly experience the world.

( Professional Education )

Vassilis M. Mathioudakis
Head of Studies
International Dance Council CID
Member of the International Dance Council CID