Terpsis Chorou

Hip Hop

The roots of Hip Hop can be traced back to the '70s, created by the African American communities living in the more impoverished areas of the United States of America, such as the Bronx in New York.

At the time, the gangs in these run-down neighborhoods in the USA found a way other than violence to escape from their problems, and this was Hip Hop. Instead of using weapons to resolve their differences, the gangs formed dance crews, and had "battles" with each other. The loser would have to publicly admit defeat in front of the winner, and disputes would thus be peacefully resolved. Hip Hop significantly reduced violence, and helped the young release their energy through music.

The etymology of the word Hip Hop comes from the word hip, which means savvy in the African American dialect, and hop, which means jump. The first reference to the term Hip Hop was in the "The Village Voice" by Steven Hager. The Jamaican Clive Campbel, known as Cool Herc, is considered the father of Hip Hop. He was the first to start sampling different albums, mixing them to create the first Hip Hop songs.

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