Terpsis Chorou

Teen Programs

The Ancient Greeks considered the phrase "...mens sana in corpore sano..." (healthy mind in a healthy body), by the Latin satirical poet Decimus Junius Juvenalis, as a life and culture motto.

Dance is a form of physical activity that has its place in the daily life of teenagers, as a way to escape from their school routine and any pressures imposed on them by their environment.

Performing a structured choreography requires thinking, coordination and memory. The effort to perform a choreography requires programming, a good physical condition, a sense of self-respect, team spirit and mutual support. The result of this effort by our teenage students is the impressive finale of a choreography, which leaves them with a sense of success, pride, progress and fulfillment of goals. Our Academy's teen classes are separated into groups of students of the same age and dancing level.

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Vassilis M. Mathioudakis
Head of Studies
International Dance Council CID
Member of the International Dance Council CID